Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Novak Djokovic's Smooth Moves


While there wasn’t any real standouts this week, this video was uploaded April 14th and already has cumulatively a little over a half million views between several different uploads of the same video. The video features tennis star Novak Djokovic featuring his skills both on and off the court in a video for HEAD tennis rackets. The video is good, but I would have cut it a little shorter with less annoying step by step commentary from the announcers. It would have been funnier if the commentators were shocked and fumbling for words.




PermissionTV LIVE Episode 15 about Email Marketing with Video


This past Thursday I got the opportunity to guest host a video podcast with Matthew Mamet of PermissionTV. Every Thursday they run a live show called PTVLIVE focusing on news, product releases and events with online video.

This was all new to me. I’m usually behind the camera or if in front of it, have a few takes to get the content right. Going live was definitely a little more stressful as evidenced by my “ums” and “errs” at the beginning of the show. But after a while I fell into a groove and was able to relax and enjoy the experience.

We covered some pretty interesting topics including integrating videos in your email marketing campaign, test driving the GoodMail Email Marketing Platform’s integrated video feature, discussing how much of a typical online video is actually watched and some big news for Visible Measures which now tracks videos at MySpace.

All in all this was a really great experience for me and the folks over at PermissionTV were fantastic. You can subscribe to their podcast through iTunes or watch weekly live at PTVLIVE. As promised I have given my 5 star rating on iTunes for this great podcast. Check out the full podcast below:


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Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Burger King SpongeBob SquarePants


The biggest viral video winner by far last week was Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent with over 39 million views in a week but as far as marketing videos the crown had to go to Burger King.

The King likes square butts — and online viewers responded. The ad tweaks the song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot to promote Burger King’s SpongeBob SquarePants kids meals. The song is definitely an odd mix to sell kids meals with but obviously given their past history…Burger King isn’t afraid of a little controversy and given the big response it’s had online to date. It’s had over half a million views since being uploaded two weeks ago according to data from video-measurement firm Visible Measures.




Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Cut Movie – Keira Knightley


This week’s Buzzworthy Wednesday Video was uploaded by Womensaid to YouTube a little over a week ago and has over half a million views between the original upload and the version uploaded by WhoaTV.

Women’s Aid is a national domestic violence charity that is working to end violence against women and children, and support domestic and sexual violence services across the UK. They released this shocking new short film, directed by Atonement and Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright and starring Keira Knightley.




5 Question Interview: Zak Barron from Constant Contact


constant-contact-zak-barronZak Barron knows EVERYTHING about email marketing. Alright I could be exaggerating a tiny bit but he is the local email marketing expert for Constant Contact in the New England area and he definitely knows his stuff. He runs frequent seminars on email marketing, interactive training workshops, and industry specific programs. I have had the pleasure of doing a few combined seminars with Zak talking about combining online video and email marketing. I asked Zak if he would be interested in taking the hot seat for one of my 5 Question Interviews and without further ado, here are his answers:


Eric Guerin: I’ve heard Constant Contact’s deliverability to ISP’s (Internet Service Providers – i.e. Comcast, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) is one of the highest among ESP’s (Email Service Providers like Constant Contact)…how are you able to maintain such a high level of deliverability?

Zak Barron: Good question Eric. Constant Contact currently has a deliverability rate above 97%. This is a key metric for ESP’s that anyone looking for an email marketing service should look at when making their decision. It’s very easy for a company to say, “We have 97% deliverability” so make sure you ask if that is the ESP’s number or a 3rd party number. Constant Contact uses an outside unbiased 3rd party called Return Path to evaluate our delivery rate. The reason that we are able to maintain this high deliverability rate is because we require all of our customers to use permission based email lists. We have built personal relationships with postmasters at many ISP’s, and they know that we share the same contempt for SPAM email, this also greatly impacts how the ISP’s view Constant Contact as a large sender of email messages.

EG: You mentioned permission based email lists, can you briefly explain what the importance of an “opt-in email list” is and why you would NEVER want to buy an email address list from another company?

ZB: It is critical to a business that it only use email to communicate with those whom have given their permission to receive emails from that business. Given that statement there are 2 levels of permission; implicit, and explicit. Implicit covers anyone that you have a prior business relationship with, but you might not have told them that you are going to begin sending them email campaigns. Explicit permission means that you are actually setting the expectation when you collect the contact information of a customer, or prospect, that they will be getting email campaigns. The main reason that a business needs to build it’s list in this manner is the issue of SPAM. Over the years consumers have become very weary of who they provide their contact information to, and how they react to messages that they have not asked for in their inboxes. With many email clients allowing their users to report unwanted email as SPAM, the ISP’s are able to track the reputation of senders and penalize them if they get to many SPAM reports/complaints by not allowing them access to their(ISP’s) customers inbox. The point is that a purchased or rented list will get tons of SPAM complaints, certainly enough to be noticed by the ISP’s. A business that insists on this practice will find themselves on industry wide “blocklists, or blacklists” which will directly affect the businesses ability to get email marketing campaigns out the door.

EG: That relationship with your contacts is really the key to a successful email marketing plan. Speaking of relationships, how does Constant Contact engage online and build community for their users?

ZB: At Constant Contact we are all about community, and to that end there are 2 ways that we do that, one is with the Constant Contact Connect Up! user community, and the 2nd is the Constant Contact Cares4Kids program.

Constant Contact’s ConnectUp! user community was designed as a forum to share the entrepreneurial energy and passion that drives small businesses and organizations. The community provides a host of tools and technologies that enable you to connect with your peers, exchange ideas and find answers to your questions about email marketing, online surveys and small business issues in general.

As a paying Constant Contact customer, you can bring email marketing and online survey tools to your favorite eligible community organization-at no cost to you! Through Cares4Kids you can help an organization reach new donors, publicize their good works, plan events-and use their precious funding to carry out their mission. It all starts with one quick application.. More than 900 worthy organizations have received free accounts on behalf of Constant Contact’s Cares4Kids program.

EG: Where does Constant Contact see the future of email marketing headed particularly with more and more people using mobile devices to open and access their email?

ZB: If you would have asked me this a year ago, I would have told you that it was going to affect open rates in a major way. The tracking mechanism that CTCT uses is a small image in the body of the HTML email. So this means that all text based email clients are tough to track. With the release of the iPhone, and many other mobile devices that can read HTML, I see open rates actually improving and becoming more accurate, as most smart phones will be switching to the HTML platform.

EG: What is the one hint or tip you could share that most people doing email marketing fail to realize or include in their email marketing campaign?

ZB: I think one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of email marketers make is that they fail to set the proper expectations at the outset of their email relationship with their customers and prospects. Being clear as to the content and frequency of the messages you will be sending is vital. Instead of saying “sign up for me email newsletter” say “sign up for my monthly newsletter.” Half of the battle in email marketing is validating your place in your recipient’s inbox, and setting/managing expectations is key to that validation.

EG: Thanks Zak!



Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Twouble with Twitters


While Nancy Giles opinion piece on Twitter showed how she missed the mark because she didn’t understand Twitter, the guys creating SuperNews clearly get it and took a clever jab at Twitter and at the general narcissism with social media in general. This was created as part of the animated sketch series, which airs on Current TV where they typically take a witty and humorous look at the days current headlines. The video has over 1.4 million views since it’s upload a little over two weeks ago.




Buzz Worthy Wednesday Video: Where The Wild Things Are Trailer


This week’s video is the Where The Wild Things Are film trailer. I usually wouldn’t select a film trailer for this as I’m looking specifically for short film content usually. Even though it’s only received about 700,000 views since its March 25th upload and there were definitely other videos that had more views – something about this really grabbed me. I’ll admit when I first saw they were making a live action movie out of one of my favorite books as a child I was a little nervous. How were they going to take a book that is 10 sentences long and turn it into a feature length movie? I read that the books author, Maurice Sendak, was one of the producers along with Tom Hanks. Then I heard it was being directed by Spike Jonze who has worked on eccentric but wonderful films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation and felt like he was the perfect choice to direct this masterfully. So this past week the trailer was uploaded to YouTube and I’ll admit…it truly amazed me. The coupling of Arcade Fire’s song Wake Up just seemed to capture the emotion and themes of the book perfectly. Can’t wait until October.