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NCOA “Falls Prevention” Animated Explainer Video


NCOA Falls Prevention Explainer VideoThe National Council on Aging (NCOA) needed a video created for the 8th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day which is celebrated every year on the first day of fall. The event seeks to raise awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults.

We worked with their team to create an informative video about their 6 simple steps aging adults can take to prevent a debilitating fall from occurring in their homes. It also won an EXCEL Award from the Association Media & Publishing Excel Awards.
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MyVR Animated How To Explainer Video


My VR How To Explainer Video

MyVR is a complete marketing solution software that allows vacation rental owners and operators to manage all of their vacation rental marketing in one place. We created this animated demo for MyVR to illustrate how the tool helps homeowners attract more renters and makes their lives much easier.

The video we created won a Communicator Award and we wrote a great case study about how the video we created helped propel their success.

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A New You Explainer Animation


A New You Debt Consolidation Video

This home page video was created for A New You to illustrate how even though too much credit card debt can feel like a crushing burden, there’s still hope. We came up with the “Wizard of Oz” treatment to show how life can feel before and after debt relief and debt consolidation as shown through the lives of Beth and Jen.
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Mojo Motors Animated Explainer Video


Mojo Motors how to buy a used car

I was the lead animator, writer, creative director and project manager for this animation for Mojo Motors. Working with their existing brand standards we created an animation to highlight their simple system allowing buyers to post anonymous requests and dealers respond with competitive offers. This video won a Telly Award.
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Legacy X Explainer Video



LegacyX was looking to explain how they rescue legacy software and help those who use it. Companies using legacy software begin having errors as new operating systems come out, what was once lightning fast is now chugging incredibly slowly and suddenly that great piece of custom software they had built doesn’t function the way it used to. We worked with their team to develop a cake metaphor concept around how LegacyX helps companies redesign and modernize their legacy software.