Buzzworthy Wednesday: Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks" Video

This is an amazing video created by architectural visual artist Gabe Askew, a fan of the band Grizzly Bear for the band’s track “Two Weeks”. This fantasy filled animation is truly breath-taking which is why it’s my choice for this week’s Buzzworthy Wednesday. While not a traditional marketing piece (the artist was not paid to do this) of creativity which is normally what I profile on Buzzworthy Wednesday’s, this is a great piece both for Grizzly Bear and also an outstanding sample of Gabe’s skills as a visual artist. Sometimes this is where the most creative efforts develop from. It’s received over 300,000 views spread across various video sharing sites.

When asked in his interview at VRay what motivated him to create this video, Askew stated that he “I chose the song ‘Two Weeks’ by my favorite band Grizzly Bear because it inspired me. Even though the video is about two men, I connected the lyrics to my own relationship with my wife. The lyrics, to me, told the story of a relationship where one person is uncertain of the others loyalty. You get sucked up into the daily grind and forget to tell the one you love how you feel. They get insecure and worry that you aren’t committed. And the line ‘I told you I would stay’ is like a battle cry for fighting to keep your relationship together when it seems to be on the brink. ” The interview also has some great storyboard and animatic samples from the project.

You don’t get yourself noticed by following the herd and this video got the artist recognized in a big way, (even being twittered about by the lead singer of Grizzly Bear and being picked up on the Creativity Top 5), by working on a project he was passionate about.

Follow your passions and enjoy.

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