Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Banksy vs Bristol Museum


Banksy is an infamous British graffiti artist who I’d compare domestically to Shepard Fairey only slightly more mysterious as his real identity is still unknown. He shocked all of England with his his social critical work on buildings and walls throughout London and Bristol including breaking into the zoo to portray his works there. Banksy is following in the steps of US graffiti artist Fairey by exhibiting in the Bristol Museum. Only he took over and turned the entire museum into a giant retrospective type installation of his work.

The news was released just over three weeks ago to great fanfare in the UK being covered by the BBC and garnered over 350,000 views on the YouTube video. All a complete surprise as everyone thought the museum was being closed to film a movie. A brilliant marketing strategy both by the artist and the museum in keeping with the artists shocking methods for displaying his work.

In a rare statement, the artist himself says: “The people in Bristol have always been very good to me – I decided the best way to show my appreciation was by putting a bunch of old toilets and some live chicken nuggets in their museum… This is the first show I’ve ever done where taxpayers’ money is being used to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off.”




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