Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Evian Roller Babies

Well, I missed sharing my thoughts for the last two week’s Buzzworthy Wednesday Video and I apologize to those of you who emailed and contacted me to find out why there wasn’t a video. I had a very good reason…my wife Leah gave birth to our son Eliot Raymond Guerin on Monday 7/13 at 2:18pm. So I’ve been busy loving and caring for them both.

I’m back to blogging now and in honor of little Eliot I chose the Evian Roller Babies which has had over 8 million views since being uploaded three weeks ago. The video shows the effect that drinking Evian water has on your body. Proof that when you take something cute like babies and set it to a retooled old school rap track like “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang…it’s a winning viral video combo. Maybe it won’t always work…but babies, kittens and puppies or anything else with the “cuteness factor” usually doesn’t steer you wrong when writing a script with viral potential.

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