Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Johnnie Walker

This week’s video comes from Johnnie Walker who released this brilliant six-minute video shot in a single continuous take and stars Robert Carlyle as the narrator taking us on the journey through the progression of Johnnie Walker whiskey from the shopkeeper experimenting with blending malts to the powerhouse it is today. It is well written and sequenced with entertaining narration perfectly matched to well-timed visual cues. Believe me…doing this in a single continuous take is not as easy as they make it look.

Interestingly enough, its not posted on YouTube by Johnnie Walker but by some random YouTube user in Brazil. I actually heard about it from the Creative Culture Weekly Top 5 podcast. This isn’t exactly a large audience podcast but still a mention on it would build buzz. In the US where’s the first place you’d go when searching for a video? Wouldn’t you want to at least have a branded YouTube channel with the video properly tagged including a description and links to your website or landing page? I know I would. At any rate, it’s had a few thousand views but is definitely worth the watch.

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