Buzzworthy Wednesday: Samsung HD Camera Trick


This was a clever video which utilizes YouTube’s HD settings. The video is a setup using a camera trick all plugging the new Samsung I8910 HD phone which shoots video in full high definition quality. It was shot in one take, no editing and with no computer effects. It’s received over 800,000 views since it’s upload a little over a month ago. Can you figure out how they shot this? They leave a number of clues along the way…I noticed a couple. If you want to know the answer they have a making of the video “Camera Trick Revealed” showing all the clues and the answer to how they shot the camera trick.




Buzzworthy Wednesday Video: Extreme Sheep LED Art


This is the first of a weekly blog post (at least in theory) where I will profile a video on YouTube that went viral in the past week and what about the video made it unique and got people talking about it or viewing it.

The first video I chose to profile is “Extreme Sheep Art”. It was uploaded Monday March 16th and in a little over a week it already has nearly 3 million views. The video is by a group of guys called the “BaaaStuds” that is well designed to capture the viewers attention with a clever artistic creation using sheep, border collies & LED lights to create artwork. I know it’s peaked your curiosity so go ahead and watch it. It all ends with a “suggestion” to go check out Samsung’s new LED TV product line.